Citizens Working Together for a


As citizens, we deserve a Secure Active  Family Environment.

S.A.F.E. Illinois believes that citizens have a right to public safety and that right should not be encroached upon.


Safer Citizens is a group of people who have banded together over the issue of public safety and have adopted “S.A.F.E.” as it’s credo. S.A.F.E. stands for Secure Active Family Environment. As citizens, we are entitled to raise our families and conduct our business in an environment that is safe and secure. Public Safety is a fundamental tenet of society and without it, and the rule of law, we will no longer be a free people.

“Right and wrong”, and knowing the difference, are fundamental to the principles of Natural Law that guides human activity and interaction. Those principles are inherent in our democracy and our pursuit of the rule of law. Those principles are all under attack and are primarily the result of the implicit or complicit role of our own elected officials. 

Safer Citizens is actively seeking individuals to work with us to not only support public safety and law enforcement but to make sure that information is made available to the public so that we can all understand these issues and the assault on our Criminal Justice System. There are “strengths in numbers” and it is our belief that the no longer “silent majority” is ready to take back our streets, our cities, and our neighborhoods.

Safer Citizens is a 501 C4 organization created to provide information to citizens about public safety in general, and the role that elected officials have and can play in making our citizens safe. Education and Advocacy about public safety issues is our primary function. Separately, Political Action Committees engage in the electoral process by funding campaigns of candidates that share certain values, among them, public safety.

Under our charter Safer Citizens can engage in limited Political Action but contributions will be used to educate the public and our elected officials on the importance of public safety.

Illinois Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Public Safety in the News

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Public Safety Pledge for Public officials

1) Continue to support and defend the Illinois Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.
2) Support our First Responders and our men and women in law enforcement.
3) Support and encourage cooperation between local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies.
4) Oppose any proposals that would “de-fund” or reduce the funding of public safety agencies.
5) Communicate my concerns when our governmental institutions are under attack.
6) Support and defend the Rule of Law and the fundamental rights of all people.
These are fundamental to the existence of our republic and the underpinning of our system of Government.
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